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Important --- Please Read Carefully...

From time to time, there has been some confusion, or perhaps miscommunication on my part, as to deposits required, time schedules for delivery of parts, method of payment, & etc.

All of my products are directly tied to either the petrochemical or steel markets.  As you are surely aware, both of these markets have been on a steady rise.  I have, and will continue, to keep my product prices as low as possible.  However, it is necessary and unavoidable to raise prices according to my actual cost.  I will try to maintain an accruate price posted on all items, but reserve the right to make price changes as necessary and without notice...
Phone & Email Ordering:
I will be happy to speak with you on the phone about an order you wish to place. Since I am rarely at the computer at the time of your call, I will be asking you to Email your order to me. Your email will aid in reminding me of the details of your order and let me also schedule my time better. Your email is NOT, however, what I base Physical Production & Shipping scheduling on. Please read carefully the next paragraph...
Minimum Deposit Required for Custom Fiberglass Products:
All fiberglass products that I produce are CUSTOM. I do not stock any of my fiberglass products. ALL fiberglass products are produced ONLY for a specific customer and ONLY SCHEDULED for production after I am in receipt of a minimum 50% deposit for that item.

Emailing your intentions to purchase an item ONLY alerts me to your intention, allowing me to pre-schedule my future time commitments. It does NOT constitute the formulation of an actual production/delivery schedule.

The Actual Production/Delivery Schedule ONLY gets cast in stone AFTER I am in receipt of your deposit or payment in full...

My rationale for this policy is due to the fact that I frequently have someone order an item by phone or email and then never hear another word from them! Were I to schedule and produce the item, then find out the person decided that it wasn't wanted after all, I'd be expending valuable time and materials for nothing. This would also interfere with production scheduling of legitimate paid orders.

To expedite your scheduling and delivery time, send your deposit or payment in full at the earliest date and the fastest way you can.

Deposit orders will have to be paid in full before shipment leaves. I will endeavor to give the customer several days notice as the final amount due, before the planned shipment date. This will allow the customer time to send the balance.
Third Party Production Items:
Several of my items are manufactured by third party interests. These items include the Over Sized Rudders and the Flybridge Replacement Windshield. Because I must pre-pay these items before delivery or shipment, they MUST be paid for in full at the time of order scheduling.
Methods of Payment:
Foremost, all funds must be made payable to: Patrick McCrary -- NOT, as it is nothing more than a web address, not a banking entity...

I am a "One Man Show" so to speak... I try to keep my overhead low and prices justifiably reasonable & fair.

I do not accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, or extend credit. The only means of payment for your item(s) is by check, money order, or certified bank draft for domestic customers.

Click here for mailing address info

For International Orders, the only methods of payment is Wire Transfer, International Money Orders, or International Cashier's Check. Funds must be remitted in U.S. Dollars, (USD). All associated international banking charges will be added to the final price of the order.
Shipping, unless otherwise requested, will be done by FedEx Ground for the Continental United States. Shipping & Handling Charges are not included in the base price of the item ordered. Handling charges are based on crating, paperwork, and delivery of the product to the shipper. Shipping charges are dictated by the shipper and will be added to the Handling charge to derive the final S&H charges.

Shipping will ONLY be done within the Continental United States. ALL international shipments must be handled by a Freight Forwarding Company arranged for by the purchaser. S&H charges for International orders also require export documentation and Customs paperwork. Expense time for the additional paperwork will be included in the S&H charges.

Purchaser MUST make their own arrangements for freight outside of the US. I will ship only domestic. Below is a partial list of International Freight Forwarding Companies:

      APX -

      IAN -

      American Baggage -

      Air Sea International -

      Livingston International -

   More International Freight Forwarders can be found through Google Search by clicking this link.
As always, your patronage is greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

Patrick McCrary



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