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(updated 08/05/05)

Arguably the most famous modern boat design ever built, the 31 Bertram has achieved a near cult status, infecting boaters around the world, (vitamin B31 hypersensitivity). Designed by Ray Hunt and built by Richard Bertram, the 31 was in production for 25 years.

BERTRAM31.COM has been born in an effort to bring about a central meeting point on the web devoted almost exclusively to this wonderful little boat. The intent is to collect as much information and resources as possible, making it freely available to the Internet community.

In the coming months we hope that the site will grow, not only through our own efforts, but also from the participation of fellow enthusiasts. If you are a 31 owner, aficionados, or have information pertaining to the Bertram 31, in any of it's three variants, please feel free to contribute. We are especially looking for individuals who have restored, customized, and/or owned a Bertram 31. For those with existing websites with Bertram 31 information, we will be happy to link to your site. I anticipate a steady growth and eventually being the prime meeting point on the web for anyone interested in the Bertram 31.

Already a core group is starting to form, with new visitors showing up daily. Special thanks go to Vic Roy, Carlos Sucre, Sonny Morrill, Joe Amato, Adam Godfrey, & Chris Wilson for their bulletin board contributions during our first two weeks online. Thanks also to all who have taken a moment to sign our Guest Log and/or contributed or posted their questions on the bulletin boards!

As we approach our 6th Anniversary, (November 25th, 2005), the growth of has been steady and very healthy. The bulletin Board is, of course, the most popular attraction and accounts for about 55% of the total traffic. By 11/25/05, I estimate that there will have been over 80,000 posts made by approximately 30% of all the Bertram 31 owners around the world...

The overall effect of the website has continued to unite a large group, affectionately known as "The Faithful", many of which have met at various B31 functions and become lifelong friends. Problems are posted and solved on a daily basis, with very little spamming & no flaming taking place.

A Special Thanks is also extended to Capt. Mike Holmes for his permission to reproduce his "FISHING WITH A LEGEND - THE BERTRAM 31" article, which first appeared in GULF COAST FISHERMAN magazine, Winter 1997.

Estimates are that, under 2,000 Bertram 31's were manufactured, and that somewhere in the vicinity of 90% of them are still in use. That's somewhere around 1,800 of them still on the water. There are likely plenty sitting around boat yards, looking for a new owner to rescue them.

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