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The Old Bertram Doctors are in - Lee Dana of Vero Beach, Fla., and Jerry Solderholm of Fort Lauderdale recently set up a consulting group called "Old Bertrams Doctors." They will provide model information, help track down hard-to-find parts, drawings, and offer refit consulting and engineering services for Bertram powerboats built before 1996. (More...)
The Legacy & The Legend - Bertram 57 & 31 - At Bertram, it's always been about the ride. This one is for the ages. (More...)
It's Saturday morning at the Beaufort public dock and the Rapscallion has been here all night, moored by the fudge shop among a small fleet of her sisters. Owner Lin Spears has been here all night too, schmoozing and deck-hopping from his Rapscallion over to the Annie C, the Buddy Boy, the Island Girl, owned by others who share his penchant for this classic boat: the Bertram 31. (More...)
'33 Sportfish "Island Time" - Sean Burlingham was 12 when he bought his first boat and has since owned at least 10 boats, probably more. More...)
An association of Bertram 31 owners feels it turned a corner this summer with its third annual rendezvous for this sportfishing classic on Block Island, R.l.  The two previous gatherings had attracted only two or three boats, according to organizer Dug Stowe. This summer, 21 Bertrams were docked at Champlinís Marina in Great Salt Pond. - Soundings Magazine (More...)
Six years ago, Charlie Johnson found out just how much he loved his Bertram 31. That was when he sold it and bought a different brand of boat. But the Freeport, New York boater soon realized his mistake. So, he bought another Bertram 31óa renovated 1968 model. He doesnít plan on making that mistake again. "Iíll take this boat to my grave,"' he says. - Offshore Magazine (More...)
The Ultimate in Recycling - Few boats on the water today share the same storied history and devout owner loyalty as the Bertram 31. Over the past several years, these mighty little workhorses have enjoyed a resurgence of interest that borders on cult status. All over the world, eager buyers are snatching up old 31s and restoring them from the hull up, with modern diesel power, generators, air conditioning and all manner of electronic equipment. (More...)
Though unmistakably Bertram, the Finest Kind just doesn't look like your daddy's Bertram. Not cosmetically thanks to a custom finish of soft blue on the hull sides and ice white on the superstructure, nor in the cockpit or interior. This 27-year-old classic 31 changed hands (in 1991) and was torn down and remade from stem to stern. (More...)
A glance around the large storage yard at Worton Creek Marina near Chestertown, Md., reveals two classic but tired Bertram 31s side by side.  Bertram 31s seem to pop up everywhere, in and out of the water, some looking better than others.   Bertram 31s seem to pop up everywhere, in and out of the water, some looking better than others. Coming across older Bertrams in boatyards, back yards and barns is not unusual; these tough and sturdy fishing boats with deep-vee hulls were heavily built to last.(More...)
Fishing With a Legend - There have been so many advances in offshore fishing boats over the past 30 years that it would seem grossly unfair to compare today's super-specialized sportsfishermen with those craft who pioneered the genre. New hull materials and designs, vastly improved power plants, addition of built-in fishing equipment like in-deck fishboxes and live wells, bait prep stations, wash-downs, and cabinets for all the new electronics have pushed the envelope of fishing technology to the limits. The older sedans, raised bridge cruisers, and boxy flybridge boats designed for generic boating just don't measure up. (More...)
Performance specifications - Paul Gozewski (Capy) - "Slip is the first measure of vessel performance. Lower % slip is more efficient. " (More...)

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