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Listing your Bertram 31 on the ONLY website Devoted to these Classic Boats is easy and inexpensive!

Clearly, anyone interested in the 31 Bertram, and that has access to the Internet, knows of and visits this site. Where better to list your 31 Bertram? There are numerous folks that frequent this site and even are active on the bulletin board, that do not own a B31, but are searching for the right one to buy.

If yours is for sale, this is the place to list and have it seen by the largest target group on the Internet...

There is a one time setup and formatting fee of $150.00 USD, made payable me, (Patrick McCrary), and the listing stays up until the boat is sold or the owner otherwise removes it from the market.

Listing Pages & Links:
Base price $150.00: Included is up to 1 meg of edited images, all text listing data supplied, linked from main listing page. (This includes up to 9 original images, which when edited for the listing pages would translate to 19 - 20 edited images)

Additional images: Since each supplied image gets edited & duplicated as a smaller image, the additional charge per image above 9, is calculated based on editing time and byte weight of the images. The charge per edited image is $5.00 plus $1.00 per megabyte of edited image weight. The average cost per edited image is $5.15 each. This charge also reflects the time to format the smaller images onto the main listing page & link them to the larger version of that image.

Other Additional Charges: The base price of the listing is calculated by the average time spent creating the individual web page, editing the digital images, and uploading the files to the server.

While I have the ability to scan both photographs and text documents, they add considerably to the time it takes to create the listing. If you cannot supply your information and images in digital format, the following additional will be charged:
Scanned Images -- $5.00 per image

OCR Text Scan & editing from type written
hard copy -- $20.00

Transcription from hand written text -- $50.00

If you want your photographs returned, please include a self addressed & stamped envelope...
I will need, of course, images or photographs and text details of the boat. The above mentioned fee is per boat, but would be discounted for multiple listings that are received at the same time. Your listing web page will be built and implemented upon the arrival of your check.

Best regards,

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