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A forward note about "Building Custom Hatches"

Ricky Saunders contacted me a few months ago asking about adding custom hatches to the cockpit deck of his B31 Bahia Mar, "Miss Olive". For some time I'd thought about an in depth article, containing illustrations, photo images, and step by step suggestions on how to build and install professional quality hatches into an existing deck.

Currently, the article is offered only on CD, is written in HTML, (Web Page format), and contains 9 HTML files, at least 42 detailed diagrams and 135 digital images.  This means that you can view all files from either a PC or MAC.   In printed form, this would be the equivalent of around 65  8 1/2" X 11" pages.

The price is $45.00 USD.

At the time of this publishing, the Hatches CD is still a Work In Progress.  Future updates will be made available as time permits.  If you have purchased and registered a version of the Hatches CD your name and email address already have been added to the Update Notification List.  Updates will be free for a period of one year after original purchase date.

The entire article and associated images are viewable off line.  Some of the links that are included within the article point toward other Internet Web Sites. In order for them to work you will have to be connected through you Internet Service Provider.

I have produced this CD Article with the intention that anyone with basic to intermediate skills in carpentry and fiberglass construction can proceed through their hatch project and expect to attain near professional results.   Aside from "Sweat Equity" being a means of saving a boat owner money, the satisfaction of having done his own work on something as visible as custom hatches is priceless.

I anticipate that some of those who will meet the challenge of building and installing their custom hatches will run into problems specific to their project which may not be answered in this article.  For those who have purchased this CD, I will extend one free hour of direct consultation and technical support, making the value of this CD $90.00.  Consulting rate after the first hour will be billed at $45.00 per hour.

For additional information or comments, I can be reached at:
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