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A Miniature Epoxy Pump System for Small Batch Mixing

Ever need to mix a small amount of marine epoxy, with say a 3:1 or 5:1 ratio?  An amount much smaller than one full pump stroke will deliver?  Even trying to get an accurate 1:1 small mix is nearly impossible...  Or is it?

Using a matched pair of small plastic containers, with tight fitting lids, two disposable epoxy type syringes, and some tubing with the same I.D. as the O.D. of the syringes, a great little caddy can be made.  The syringes will allow you to measure down to one cc and eliminate second guessing the larger pumps!

Syringes can be found in several sizes and the 35 cc is ideal for dispensing that 1/4 ounce of mix.  No more mixing fifteen to twenty times the amount you really need and wasting the unused portion.  Over the years, I have probably wasted several gallons of epoxy, (at around $50.00 per gal.), simply because I didn't have a way, (at hand), of accurately measuring the tiny bit that I needed for the job.  How much did I really need?

Probably less than a table spoon!

So get busy and add this little gem to your epoxy bench, and start saving money.  Feel free to download and print this drawing, but please don't use it on a website without linking it to  It's part of our upcoming revisions and is sort of a preview, (for the gang here at the boatbuilding bulletin board), of some tips and techniques that I'm assembling for use in the Captains' Corner Projects area.

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