Headliner Install

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Headliner Install

Postby J Clark » Oct 20th, '08, 20:33

I need to replace the headliner and the hull side coverings in my v-birth. The headliner material and hull side material is a naugahyde. I cleaned and scraped the old glue which had given way, re-applied a liquid glue to both the hull and material, but can not get it to stay. I thought about making a pattern of the ceiling, and fabricating upholstered panels, and the same with the hull sides, and attaching them with heavy duty velcro.
Any suggestions appreciated, glue or panels, what type of material? I thought about using Sunbrella as opposed to a vinyle.
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Postby Bruce » Oct 21st, '08, 02:47

After you cleaned the old glue off, did you sand the surface?

What kind of glue are you using?
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Postby Pete Fallon » Oct 21st, '08, 18:02

J Clark,
I receintly replaced the wall coverings in the V berth hull sides, a major pain in the butt. After hours of scraping and sanding, preping the surface is the most inportant step. The surface has to be free of all the old glue.
I used a product called K-Grip by Maple Leaf Sales II Inc. it's a foam and fabric spray adhesive (#701 clear HAPS Free is model 12 oz can ). They also make a high heat area adhesive.
I used a white foam backed vinyl material,( Approx 12 yards of 54" wide material.) make a pattern first then work in 2 foot sections when applying the adhesive, unrolling the fabric from bow to stern. Work from the top down to prevent wrinkles and leave a couple of inches at the top over the deck hull flange, then put the headliner up, it's a tight fit but makes a nice clean joint. I used a teak trim battern at the aft section where it meets the hanging lockers. It's a two man job. The right adhesive is the clue to getting it to stay in place.
My headliner was in great condition even after 47 years and all I did was wash it, with a vinyl cleaner. The whole job with all the material, glue and trim cost around $ 400.00, not including my labor, but I makes the V-berth area look like brand new.
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